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Are you looking for a computer course in Palos Verdes? I am a professional software developer and work for a retail company as a software development supervisor in Torrance ,CA . I offer high quality computer courses in Palos Verdes. I will show you how to program in an easy way.I have been developing large scale projects for over 17 years.I would love to share my knowledge with whoever wants to learn programming.Read more about Siamak Heshmati.Contact me to get your computer training  started.

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Course Topic Course Hours Price / Per Student Location
Website Development 8 $ 400

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In this course you will learn about :

  • The fundamental concepts of web design.
  • Complete HTML.
  • Basic CSS (style sheet).
  • How to build a static website from scratch.
  • You will be building a sample static website during this course.
Intermediate Web Development 8 $400

In this course you will learn :

  • Terminologies,SSL,RSS,Technologies.
  • One server side programming .
  • Advanced  CSS to build an attractive website.
  • Intermediate Javascript.
  • Basic jQuery and Ajax.
  • Basic database development and integrating it with your website.
WordPress Weblog 8 $400

Build a nice weblog ,website , or online store using WordPress.We will pick,and build one topic from scratch.You will learn :

  • How to pick a theme and customize it using WordPress.
  • How to install plugins and use them in WordPress.
  • How to build pages,links,menus,and widgets.
  • How to build a responsive website (Mobile,Tablets , and PC friendly design).
Advanced Web Development 10 $1000

In this course you will learn :

  • Server side programming (Java or or C# ASP.NET).
  • Database Integration using MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server (Advanced).
  • Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Compute Introduction.
  • How to manage high traffic websites.
  • Security tools and famous attacks.
Data Structure and Algorithm 10 $500

You will learn :

  • Complexity Analysis.
  • Major Data Structures.
  • Sort Algorithms.
  • Search Algorithms.
Programming with Java /Python/C# / VB.Net / C++ 10 (Each Language) $600

You will learn :

  • All concepts of programming.
  • How to build real life software.
Advanced Design  Patterns 10 $800

  • You will learn all design patterns in this course and will be able to use patterns in your programs.
Introduction To Machine Learning 8 $800

You will learn :

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Famous AI algorithms.
  • Introduction to DSS.
  • Introduction to Expert systems.
  • Introduction to Genetic programming.
  • Artificial Neural Networks.
Introduction To Digital Image Processing Using Matlab or Python 8 $640

You will learn the fundamentals of Image Processing,filters,morphology.
Basic Database Development Using MS Sql Server 10 $600

You will learn :

  • How to start a new database project.
  • How to create Tables ,basic Stored Procedures ,basic functions , and Views.
  • Backup and restore your databases.
Advanced Database Development Using MS Sql Server 10 $1000

You will learn :

  • Normalization.
  • Complex queries.
Android App Development 10 $1000

In this course you will learn :

  • How to build an android app from scratch.
  • You will build one real app during the course.
Basic Networking 6 $360

You will learn the fundamentals of networking.
Advanced Networking (Virtualization) 6 $480

You will learn :

  • Fundamental of Firewall.
  • Virtualization.
  • VPN.
  • Security.
  • Mirror servers
  • Advanced tools
Advanced Software Architecture 15 $1500

You will learn how to design a maintainable,and scaleable software solution in an enterprise level
Advanced Website Security 5 $500

You will learn how to protect your website against attacks like DOS,DDOS,Cross Site , and SQL injection,
Search Engine Optimization 5 $500

You will learn how to get a high ranking for your website.
Object Oriented Design 6 $600

You will learn advanced OOD and OOP.

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