IT Consulting Services in Torrance,CA

  • Software Architecture
    • This phase is one of the most important phases in the software engineering field .Once you decide to build a software product you need to make sure you are covering and providing solutions for all of the requirements.The software architect gathers all the requirements and offers the best solution for the problem .The architect must  make sure that the system is scalable and easily maintainable without changing the structure of the software.Software Architecture studies and offers a complete solution for how your system will communicate with the external and internal world, inputs/outputs , data model, security, error handling, user interface, resources, cost , localization , and internationalization.The architect writes the architectural overview. If you are looking for an experienced software architect ,I can help you with the entire process.


  • Software Design & Development
    • Once you have completed your architecture, it is time to design the software.Design starts by converting the business rules into a series of unified diagrams for the development team.The whole process of mapping out the business logic into understandable diagrams for the programmers can be done by UML. Now you can start building the actual software by converting the diagrams into working codes.I have extensive expertise in this part.I can help you build a reliable software product from architecture to implementation.


  • Security and Cryptography
    • Assume that you are entering your credit card information in a website that is not secure or you are using a financial software product that does not have a good encryption model for security purposes. Security is of the most important area in software development and must be considered to protect you or your clients information.Hackers use different technologies and techniques like SQL injection,Cross Site Scripting ,Session hijacking, DNS cache poisoning , social engineering ,and a lot more to attack to your website or software to steal any kind of information without you noticing that this is happening .I can help your company to build a solid security policy, performing penetration tests, regular security audits to improve network, web application,and database security. 


  • Mobile Application Development (Android)
    • Now a days mobile apps have become popular.You may be thinking about building an app for your company or client.I have built two enterprise apps that helps a company to manage their entire task management process.Building a solid framework for mobile apps would be easy if you have the right architect,consultant, and developer .I can help you to create great apps.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • SEO is the process of bringing more traffic to your website.SEO is not an action ,it is a process.Search engines like Google are super smart and they want to show the most accurate websites for their users.I have extensively described SEO in the SEO Service page and how I can bring a lot of traffic to your website .Please check my SEO Service page. 


  • Database Design and Development
    • Databases are the core of information in any company.You may have experienced problems like low disk space because of huge amounts of data,emergency databases,backup issues and scaling them if your are dealing with databases.They are usually hard and expensive to move ,or upgrade.Small databases get bigger and bigger and hard to manage if you don't have the right plans in place.If you are concerned about your databases contact me to get help.I can help you to make your databases more efficient,reliable, and secure.Moving databases to Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform or any other vendor would be easy with my help. 


  • Machine Learning & Machine Vision
    • When you call your banking system the recorded voice will ask you to say your account number.How is a program going to understand what you say? Or how does Google image search find similar images for your search ?How does Google search see and interpret all images throughout the Internet ?How does Coca-Cola know what level of Coke would be acceptable in a bottle?How do traffic cameras captures your high speed?The answer to all these questions is Image Processing and Machine Learning science and is the process of simulation of the human vision and wisdom process using technology.I have built sophisticated Image Processing and Machine Learning products since 2008.


  • Networking
    • Network infrastructure is a vital part of any business.I have designed , implemented, and maintained a lot of different computer networks.I can help you rebuild and reconfigure you entire network from routes,server, and firewalls.   


  • Cloud Computing
    • Are you planning to move your servers and network to the cloud solutions like Amazon AWS?I have experience moving big networks to cloud based services.


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