I can develop intelligent systems that makes everyone's life easier.

I have been learning ,and researching Artificial Intelligence for about 6 years now.I have built two intelligent systems in this area :

  • License Plate Recognition System (Year built : 2010)
    • The system takes a screenshot of the license plate once the car gets close enough to the camera.Then it extracts the license number and records it in a database .The system administrator can manage the traffic in the area.
  • Automated Invoice Reader . (Year built : 2016)
    • This system captures text from an invoice file from pdf or image format.It formats the invoice and records it in a database.You can access,review the original copy, and search the invoices using a webpage throughout the company.The system can send an email to management for approval process.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a science that develops intelligent systems by simulating and modeling human behavior.AI plays many roles in our life such as reasoning , knowledge representation,  automated planning, machine learning, natural language processing,computer vision,robotics,and general intelligence.

Machine Learning uses self learning algorithms to become an expert in a specific field that it has been designed for. Amazon.com offers you a lot of products based on your purchase habit.Computer games get better as you play with them.They learn from your behavior to achieve a better performance.Image Processing is the process of converting an Image into a digital form in order to enhance it for processing .Face recognition is one of the most famous applications of image processing.

If you are interested in learning about AI ,you can enroll in my short class for this topic.