Networking Services in Torrance,CA

Are you looking for Networking services in Southern California?

I’ll help you design and implement your computer network .Contact me to get a free quote


Security Services:

Are you concern about your network security ? Do you think that you have been hacked ? I will help you build a secure network by implementing the right technologies,  security policy, penetration tests and regular audits. If you think you have been hacked unplug the network cable and call me now.


Cloud Services 

 Are you spending a lot of money to maintain your network ?

Building your network on top of a cloud based solution has a lot of benefits and advantages. The best thing about this is that you can scale your business as it is needed. If you are a startup you don’t need to go out and buy a lot of equipment, build a network and wait for clients. Reliable network equipment is not cheap and they need to be replaced after a couple years (ideally two years) which is a big expense. By using cloud based services like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Compute you can build a reliable network and pay as you go. Security, backups and network maintenance costs will be a lot cheaper than a company owned server room or data center.

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